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Name of BookI am not your perfect Mexican daughter
Name of AuthorErika L. Sánchez
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book 3 MB
Total pages in Ebook264
Category of BookDomestic Fiction

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Julia, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, finds solace in her older sister Olga, who embodies the perfect Mexican daughter. However, tragedy strikes when Olga is tragically killed in a semi-truck accident. In the aftermath, Julia stumbles upon scandalous secrets hidden in Olga’s forbidden room. As she delves into her sister’s life, Julia discovers more about her family, friends, and ultimately, herself.

Although young adult contemporary fiction is not typically my preference, I decided to explore the genre due to work-related reasons and a desire for diversity in my reading list. This National Book Award finalist, focusing on the life of a Mexican immigrant’s daughter in the United States, caught my attention and exceeded my expectations.

Julia, the protagonist, is a highly relatable character, evoking empathy through her resilience in the face of adversity. Her voice oscillates between raw honesty, sharp wit, and humor, which greatly appealed to me. Despite our differences, I found myself connecting with Julia and genuinely caring about her journey.

The book excels in character development as Julia unravels her family’s history and confronts their individual struggles. The story maintains a delicate balance of intrigue that keeps the reader engaged and eager to turn the pages.

Beyond its coming-of-age narrative, the book tackles significant themes. It addresses the complex process of grieving and showcases the diverse ways in which individuals cope with loss. Moreover, Julia’s battle with depression is openly discussed, shedding light on mental health. The book concludes with a valuable “Mental Health Resources” section. Additionally, the story offers insights into Mexican culture and the experiences of recent Mexican immigrants in the United States.


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