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Name of BookBenjamin Franklin Autobiography
Name of AuthorBenjamin Franklin
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book12 MB
Total pages in Ebook224
Category of BookBiography and Autobiography

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This Autobiography was written by Franklin, starting in 1771 when he was 65 years old. He had to interrupt his writing several times due to his activities abroad and passed away in 1790, leaving the story unfinished. Despite its incomplete nature, the book is still very popular and significant, mainly for the firsthand account of Franklin’s youth in Boston and his subsequent rise to fame and wealth in Philadelphia.

Franklin was born into a large family in Boston in 1706 and through his tireless dedication to learning, work, thrift, wit, logic, tact, persuasion, experimentation, and public service, he became the most famous man in America and the most famous commoner in the world. His story has become a symbol of American success, inspiring many to strive for self-improvement.

Franklin’s rise to success was due to his merit, and he found his greatest satisfaction in public service, intellectual curiosity, and the friendships he made. This edition of the Autobiography is based on the original manuscript and faithfully copied by John Bigelow, with only minor changes to capitalizations.


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