माचिस की तीलियों के रोचक खेल | Machis Ki Teeliyon ke Rochak Khel Book/Pustak Pdf Free Download

पुस्तक का विवरण (Description Of Book) :-

पुस्तक का नाम (Name of Book)माचिस की तीलियों के रोचक खेल | Machis Ki Teeliyon ke Rochak Khel
पुस्तक का लेखक (Name of Author)एकलव्य / Eklavya
पुस्तक की भाषा (Language of Book)हिंदी | Hindi
पुस्तक का आकार (Size of Book)340.0 KB
पुस्तक में कुल पृष्ठ (Total pages in Ebook)20
पुस्तक की श्रेणी (Category of Book)सचित्र / Sachitra, बाल पुस्तक/Children Book,

पुस्तक के कुछ अंश (Excerpts From The Book) :-

Pahelee se maza aana, ek kautuhal paida hona hee mukhy baat hai. pahelee se yah siddh karane kee koshish nahin honee chaahie ki kis ka dimaag tez hai, kis ka nahin. isase kaee logon ke dimaag mein paheliyon ke prati dar baith sakata hai. log samajhane lagate hain ki tez buddhi vaale ya ganit samajhane vaale hee paheliyaan boojh sakate hain. nateejatan bahut se log paheliyon ke maze se vanchit ho jaate hain.

Description In English

The main thing is to have fun with the puzzle, to create a curiosity. The puzzle should not try to prove that whose mind is sharp and whose is not. Due to this, fear of riddles can sit in the mind of many people. People begin to understand that only those with a sharp intellect or who understand mathematics can solve puzzles. As a result, many people miss out on the fun of puzzles.

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