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Twisted Lies PDF Details

Name of BookTwisted Lies
Name of AuthorAna Huang
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book2 MB
Total pages in Ebook349
Category of BookStory

Twisted Lies pdf summary

Twisted Lies Story:

Stella Alonso, a sweet and introverted social media star, lives a double life. Between her two jobs, she finds little time or desire for a relationship. However, her past catches up to her, forcing her to seek refuge in the most unexpected place – the luxurious penthouse of Christian Harper, a powerful and dangerous businessman.

Christian, known for his ruthless tactics and enigmatic aura, is intrigued by Stella’s innocence and vulnerability. He offers her a deal: he will protect her from her past if she agrees to pose as his fake girlfriend for a high-profile event. Hesitantly, Stella agrees, drawn to Christian’s undeniable magnetism despite the risks involved.

As they navigate the world of glitz and glamour, their fake relationship begins to blur the lines between reality and fiction. Stella experiences a world she never knew existed, filled with luxury and excitement. But beneath the surface, Christian’s secrets and vulnerabilities start to surface, challenging her initial perceptions.

As their connection deepens, Stella finds herself falling for the man she swore to keep at a distance. However, their pasts and their contrasting personalities create a volatile mix. Will their love be strong enough to overcome their differences and the dangerous secrets that threaten to tear them apart?


  • Second chances: The story explores the possibility of finding love and redemption even after past mistakes.
  • Fake relationship trope: The book utilizes the classic trope of a fake relationship that blossoms into genuine love, adding a layer of excitement and anticipation.
  • Hidden vulnerability: Both Stella and Christian hide their inner vulnerabilities, creating a dynamic where they learn to trust and rely on each other.
  • Overcoming challenges: The characters face various obstacles, both internal and external, forcing them to grow and evolve throughout the story.

Overall, “Twisted Lies” is a captivating romance that explores the complexities of love, trust, and overcoming past challenges. It blends elements of suspense, humor, and emotional depth, offering an engaging read for fans of contemporary romance novels.


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