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The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary PDF Free Download

Name of BookThe Oxford Hindi English Dictionary PDF
Name of AuthorR. S. McGregor
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book30 MB
Total pages in Ebook194
Category of BookEducational Books

The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary summary

Oxford Hindi English Dictionary PDF, a book that provides a comprehensive and authoritative bilingual dictionary for Hindi and English speakers:

Oxford Hindi English Dictionary PDF is a book that contains over 100,000 entries and translations of words, phrases, idioms, and proverbs in Hindi and English. The book covers both standard and colloquial Hindi, as well as regional and dialectal variations. The book also includes grammatical information, usage notes, synonyms, antonyms, and examples of usage in both languages.

The book is based on the original work of R. S. McGregor, who compiled the first Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary in 1993, drawing upon the rich and varied tradition of Oxford dictionaries. The book has been revised and updated by a team of experts, who have added new words and meanings, reflecting the changes in both languages and cultures. The book also incorporates the latest research and findings in linguistics, lexicography, and etymology.

The book is designed to meet the needs of both learners and professionals, who want to communicate effectively and accurately in Hindi and English. The book is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear and consistent layout, cross-references, and appendices. The book also offers online access to additional resources, such as audio pronunciations, quizzes, and games.

The book is written in a clear and concise style, with illustrations and tables to enhance the presentation and understanding. The book also follows the international standards and conventions for transliteration and transcription of Hindi and English. The book is suitable for anyone who wants to learn or improve their Hindi and English skills, and to enrich their knowledge and appreciation of both languages and cultures.

The term “modern Hindi” refers to a language written in the Devanagari script and commonly used in North and Central India today. While it has a standardized written form, spoken Hindi varies in pronunciation and usage. It exists alongside regional dialects and Urdu, which shares similarities with spoken Hindi but has a distinct Persian cultural influence in its literary form.

Urdu emerged from a mixed language spoken in Delhi during the Mughal period, primarily due to the artificial use of Persian in Indo-Muslim circles. In contrast, modern Hindi arose in the 19th century to facilitate communication with a broader section of the North Indian population. It used an Indian script and incorporated fewer Persian and Arabic words compared to Urdu, favoring words of Indian origin, particularly from Sanskrit.

Modern Hindi gained popularity in education and instruction during the 19th century, coinciding with the rise of Indian identity in North India. By the 1860s, it began to receive official recognition, eventually becoming the official language of India in 1947. Hindi’s development was driven by the spread of education and literacy, as well as its interactions with English and regional Indian languages.

In summary, modern Hindi evolved to meet the linguistic needs of a diverse population, drawing on Indian cultural roots while adapting to changing social and political dynamics.

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