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Name of BookThe Buddha and his Dhamma
Name of AuthorDr. B. R. Ambedkar
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book2 MB
Total pages in Ebook492
Category of BookReligious

What is The Buddha and his Dhamma About

The Book discuss various aspects of Buddhism and religion. The first article announces the release of a second edition of “The Buddha and His Dhamma” to cater to the needs of Buddhists in India and other parts of the world. The book, written by Dr. Ambedkar, is considered a valuable source of religious inspiration for Indian Buddhists, who use it for individual and group study and reflection. The article also notes that the first edition became popular soon after Dr. Ambedkar’s death in 1957.

The Book describes the life of the Buddha, who attained enlightenment in 588 B.C. and spent 45 years teaching the Dhamma. The article highlights that during the Buddha’s lifetime, Buddhism was limited to the Ganges valley. The article also explains the three prevalent religious views during the Buddha’s time, which included Karma, the will of God, and spontaneous existence.

the concept of religion, as understood by Dr. Ambedkar. It argues that the meaning of the word “religion” is not fixed and has varied over time and across different stages. The Book explains that religion was originally associated with magic, as primitive humans used it to explain natural phenomena like lightning and rain. The article notes that the concept of religion has changed over time as humans have developed more sophisticated ways of understanding the world around them.

In summary, these book provide insights into the world of Buddhism and religion. They highlight the importance of texts like “The Buddha and His Dhamma” in the lives of Buddhists and shed light on the life and teachings of the Buddha. Additionally, the articles explore the evolution of religious concepts over time and the role of religion in human history. Overall, these articles provide valuable information for anyone interested in understanding the world of religion and spirituality.


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