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Name of BookDotcomsecrets pdf
Name of AuthorRussell Brunson
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book3 MB
Total pages in Ebook261
Category of BookEducational Books

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Dotcom Secrets is a book that reveals the secrets of successful online businesses and entrepreneurs. It teaches you how to create and optimize sales funnels that can attract, convert, and retain customers online. The book covers the fundamentals of funnel building, such as the secret formula, the value ladder, and the three types of traffic.

It also explains how to communicate with your audience, using the attractive character, the soap opera sequence, and the daily Seinfeld sequence. The book then shows you examples of different types of funnels, such as free-plus shipping, self-liquidating offers, continuity, webinars, product launches, and high-ticket applications.

The book is based on the author’s own experience and expertise in online marketing, and it provides practical advice and real-world case studies. Dotcom Secrets is a must-read for anyone who wants to grow their company online with sales funnels.

What The ‘Online Marketing Wizard Fraternity’ Doesn’t Want You To Know (and: is THIS book a ‘fraud’?)
What This Book Is About (and What It’s NOT About)
Section One: Ladders and Funnels
Secret #1: The Secret Formula
Secret #2: The Value Ladder
Secret #3: From a Ladder to a Funnel
Secret #4: How to Find Your Dream Customers
Secret #5: The Three Types of Traffic
Section Two: Your Communication Funnel
Secret #6: The Attractive Character
Secret #7: The Soap Opera Sequence
Secret #8: Daily Seinfeld Sequence
Section Three: Funnelology Leading Your Customers 99 to the Sale (Over and Over Again)
Secret #9: Reverse Engineering a Successful Funnel
Secret #10: Seven Phases of a Funnel
Secret #11: The Twenty-Three Building Blocks of a Funnel
Secret #12: Frontend vs. Backend Funnels
Secret #13: The Best Bait
Section Four: Funnels and Scripts
Frontend Funnels
Funnel #1: Two-Step, Free-Plus-Shipping
Funnel #2: Self-Liquidating Offer
Funnel #3: Continuity
Funnels for the Middle of the Value Ladder
Funnel #4: The Perfect Webinar
Funnel #5: Invisible Funnel Webinar
Funnel #6: Product Launch
Backend Funnel
Funnel #7: High-Ticket, Three-Step Application
Section Five: ClickFunnels
Conclusion: Ignite


Then I started to look at magazines and saw the same types of ads. So I would call the phone numbers and send in for the free “info-kits” that these ads were promoting as well. Within three or four weeks, I started getting “junk mail.” (I put junk mail in quotation marks because studying that junk mail has literally made me millions.) I started getting so much mail that the mailman couldn’t physically fit it all into the mailbox.

I would come home from junior high school, and my parents might have two or three letters, but I’d have a whole stack of my very own mail. I’d take it all into my bedroom and read through every letter. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was reading long-form sales letters from some of the greatest direct-response marketers of all time. I saw what they were doing and how they were doing it, and it was fascinating to me.

Whatever they were selling, the process was the same. They would place a small ad asking people to contact their company for a free report. After you contact them, they will send you a sales letter, disguised as a free report, selling a low-ticket information product. When I purchased the product, they would send me their “system”-along with another sales letter selling me a high-ticket product (fig. 0.1).

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