लन्दन में आग | London Mein Aag Book/Pustak Pdf Free Download

पुस्तक का विवरण (Description Of Book) :-

पुस्तक का नाम (Name of Book)लन्दन में आग | London Mein Aag
पुस्तक का लेखक (Name of Author)मार्गरेट / Margaret
पुस्तक की भाषा (Language of Book)हिंदी | Hindi
पुस्तक का आकार (Size of Book)1.2 MB
पुस्तक में कुल पृष्ठ (Total pages in Ebook)16
पुस्तक की श्रेणी (Category of Book)बाल पुस्तक/Children Book,

पुस्तक के कुछ अंश (Excerpts From The Book) :-

Din bhar kaam karane ke baad tobee so raha tha. vah apane maalik kee dookaan ke oopar rahata tha. “tobee! utho!” usaka maalik chillaaya. “moorkh ladake! mistar pepiz kee not-buk tumane yaheen chhod dee hai. ise abhee le jao, yah unakee daayaree ke lie hai.” “oh nahin!” tobee ne ghabara kar kaha. vah kood kar bistar se baahar aaya, usane not-buk pakadee aur bhaag kar galee mein aa gaya.

Description In English

Toby was sleeping after working all day.
He lived above his owner’s shop. “Toby! get up!” shouted his owner.
“Stupid boy! You have left Mr Pappy’s note-book here. Take it now, it’s for his diary.” “Oh no!” Toby said nervously. He jumped out of bed, he
Grabbed the note-book and ran to the street.

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