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Name of BookSri Lalitha Sahasranamam Stotram
Name of AuthorEight Vaag Devis
Language of BookEnglish
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Lalita, the playful one, who is the universal spiritual energy responsible for creation, sustenance, and dissolution of the universe, as well as lifting devotees from the cycle of births and deaths. While the abstract doctrine may be difficult to comprehend, it is presented in human terms through the Puranas and Tantras, which anthropomorphize the divine being and stimulate a sense of its divine nature. The Puranas and Tantras create an experience of an adorable being and intimate relationship with that being through their narratives. Lalita is a fine example of this line of thinking, depicted as the quintessence of spiritual sublimity and power, with an enchanting form and special manifestations and achievements, including the destruction of evil forces and the enhancement of good forces.

the philosophy of worshiping the divine as the Great Mother, which may be unacceptable to those brought up in Semitic religions that conceive of God as only Father or Great Creator. The cult of Sakti conceives of Siva as Pure Being and Sakti as Pure Will, complementary to each other, and together they represent the Cosmic Whole.

The Śri-Cakra is a diagrammatic representation of the Alogical Śiva Sakti and its cosmic manifestation, while Lalitāmbikā, the central dot in the diagram, is a concrete form of the divine personality for adoration, praise, and meditation. The Sahasranama is an important litany in the worship of the Supreme Power as Mother Lalitāmbikā.

Overall, the article suggests that it is more reasonable to conceive of God as both Father and Mother rather than just Father, and that Lalitāmbikā represents a concrete form of the divine for worship and contemplation.


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