Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth English Book Pdf

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For many years the need for a further book on the subject of figure drawing has been apparent to me. I have waited for such a book to appear which could be recommended to the many young artists with whom I have come in contact. Finally, I have come to the realization that such a book, regardless of one’s ability as an author, could be written only by a man actually in the field of commercial art, who in his experience had met and countered with the actual problems that must be clarified. I recall how frantically, in the earlier days of my own experience, I searched for practical information that might lend a helping hand in making my work marketable.

Name of BookFigure Drawing for All It’s Worth English Book Pdf
Name of Author Loomis, Andrew
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book23.8
Total pages197
Category of Book Art, Figure Drawing, Illustration

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