Barefoot Gen Volume 01 English Book Pdf

Some of the machine excerpts from the book

Gen haunts me. The first time I read it was in the late 1970s, shortly after I’d begun working on Maus, my own extended comic book chronicle of the twentieth century’s other central cataclysm. I had the flu at the time and read it while high on fever. Gen burned its way into my heated brain with all the intensity of a fever-dream. I’ve found myself remembering images and events from the Gen books with a clarity that made them seem like memories from my own life, rather than Nakazawa’s. I will never forget the people dragging their own melted skin as they walk through the ruins of Hiroshima, the panic-stricken horse on fire galloping through the city, the maggots crawling out of the sores of a young girl’s ruined face. Gen deals with the trauma of the atom bomb without flinching.

Name of BookBarefoot Gen Volume 01 English Book Pdf
Name of Author keiji Nakazawa
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book12.9 MB
Total pages294
Category of Bookcomics
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