बबूल का भूत | Babool Ka Bhoot Book/Pustak Pdf Free Download

बबूल का भूत | Babool Ka Bhoot

पुस्तक का विवरण (Description Of Book) :-

पुस्तक का नाम (Name of Book)बबूल का भूत | Babool Ka Bhoot
पुस्तक का लेखक (Name of Author)गुरदयाल सिंह / Gurdayal Singh
पुस्तक की भाषा (Language of Book)हिंदी | Hindi
पुस्तक का आकार (Size of Book)15.0 MB
पुस्तक में कुल पृष्ठ (Total pages in Ebook)35
पुस्तक की श्रेणी (Category of Book)सचित्र / Sachitra, बाल पुस्तक/Children Book,

पुस्तक के कुछ अंश (Excerpts From The Book) :-

Hamaare gaanv ka ek aisa hee yeh gaanv se thodee door tha chhotee nahar ke paas usee ke paas ek chhota-sa taalaab tha. taalaab itana gahara tha ki yadi barasaat ke baad saal bhar bhee baarish na ho to bhee isamen kuchh na kuchh paanee jaroor bacha rahata tha. iseelie vahaan charavaahe apanee bhed-bakariyon aur gaay-bhainson ko paanee pilaane ke lie le jaaya karate the. parantu aur log is taalaab ke paas nahin jaate the. isaka kaaran yah tha ki hamaare gaanv ke log is yeh se bahut darate the log, soobedaar kee havelee ko jaise bhoot-preton ka ghar maanate the, usee tarah behon, khandaharon tatha bekaar pade kuon tatha baavadiyon mein bhee buree aatmaon ka basera maanate the.

Description In English

One such thing in our village was a little far from the village, near a small canal, there was a small pond near it. The pond was so deep that even if it did not rain for a whole year after the rain, there was definitely some water left in it. That is why the shepherds used to take their sheep and goats and cows and buffaloes there for water. But other people did not go near this pond. The reason for this was that the people of our village were very much afraid of this, people considered the Subedar’s Haveli as the home of ghosts and spirits, in the same way they considered the dwelling of evil spirits in the bays, ruins and useless wells and stepwells.

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